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What to expect during your Hypnotherapy sessions

Tim Harrison Hypnotherapist specialises in Anxiety and Stress Management with hypnosis. This is Tim Harrison's Hypnofactory

Hypnosis is a natural process that has been used for thousands of years. It got it's name from the Greek, "hypnos" meaning sleep. Hypnotherapy has undergone many changes over the years to become what it has now.

Although you won't actually be asleep, you will be in a relaxed state of mind, usually with your eyes closed.  The hypnotherapist will talk to you in a calm, relaxed voice and give you suggestions to enable a deep state of relaxation to occur. It is in this relaxed state that your subconscious mind becomes more active. Your mind can be thought of as comprising two parts: The Conscious and the Subconscious.  Your conscious mind deals with logic, language, mathematics, etc. Your subconscious mind is the creative part. The part that is responsible for your behaviours, desires, etc. It stores your beliefs and experiences. It believes whatever it is told but is guarded by your conscious mind. When you are in a deep state of relaxation , your conscious mind falls asleep and allows accress to your subconscious. Suggestions, metaphors/imagery is used to impart ideas and suggestions to your subconscious in order to convey a new set of "instructions" in order to change previously limiting beliefs and behaviours. It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis and you won't lose control. Everything will be explained to you at the start of your treatment. Please ask as many questions as you need to. Skype sessions are available if you live outside of Pinner, Harrow, or Northwood and the surrounding area. My clientelle are worldwide on Skype